Sparkbooth 3.5.50

All the fun of a photo booth on your computer

Sparkbooth (formerly known as Party Booth) is the closest thing you'll ever have to a photo booth on a PC. View full description


  • Great social networking options
  • Lots of photo layout options
  • Very clear controls


  • Requires Adobe AIR

Very good

Sparkbooth (formerly known as Party Booth) is the closest thing you'll ever have to a photo booth on a PC.

Photo booths are great fun and Sparkbooth adds a new dimension as it uses your webcam to take photo booth-style photos and save them to your hard drive, upload them to a host of popular networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitpix and Posterous, or simply print them.

Sparkbooth more or less configures itself - it detects your camera and starts taking the photos when you hit the Space bar. It then automatically saves, prints or uploads them and the entire application follows the same format you'd find in a real photo booth.

To upload your Sparkbooth photos to other websites, just enter your log-in details for each one in the Settings section. You can also add a logo and background image to your photos to spice things up a bit. You can also customize the logo on the main screen although this isn't really anything special. Sparkbooth would probably be particularly fun at a wedding as a way for guests to snap themselves during the celebrations.

Sparkbooth will give you and your friends hours of photo fun..


  • More animated previews
  • display of non-Latin characters for on-screen messages
  • comment prompt
  • update photo uploaders
  • minor bug fixes


Sparkbooth 3.5.50

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